Auntie Val’s ranges of exceptional and unusual Marmalades offer the Fine Food Retailer the opportunity to excite their customers with flavours such as Seville Orange and the extra tangy Lemon to the Lemon & Elderflower the bonus of Chocolate Orange or Liquorange
Available in stock sizes of 227g and 454g

Seville Orange, this is a thin cut Marmalade with plenty of tanginess!

No Bits Seville, by popular demand, this is a rind less Seville jelly marmalade.

Thick Cut Seville, again by popular demand, Auntie Val does listen to her customers.

Dark Thick Cut Seville, ‘Oxford’ style Marmalade for those who prefer a richer flavour.

Dark Thick Cut Seville & Ginger,‘Oxford’ style Marmalade for those who prefer a richer flavour, with shreds of ‘Ginger’.

Thick Cut Seville & Stem Ginger, with shreds of ‘Stem Ginger’.

Orange and Ginger, thin cut shred, a great start to the day!

Orange and Cider, we now use ‘Wobblegate’ Cider! Making a wonderful, marmalade, even better.

St. Clements, named after the old nursery rhyme, with Orange and Lemon, a tangy, not too sweet flavour!

Lemon and Elder flower, these two flavours go well together, the subtle hint of Elderflowers gives you a glimpse of the countryside.

Liquorange, yes this really is Orange and Liquorice! Flavours you would not imagine working together, you will be amazed how good it is!

Orange and Blueberry, so different, so delightful! With real fruit!

Root Ginger and Seville Orange, packed full of fresh root ginger.

Mandarin Orange, sweeter, than some but very Moorish.

Blood Orange, refreshingly good.

English Breakfast Orange, again by popular demand, this is another sweeter orange-taste a very traditional marmalade!

Grapefruit, here is a taste that is very tangy and refreshing!

Three Fruits, Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit, again by popular demand!

Orange & Whisky, this has been termed the ‘The best ever’ by a huge amount of Auntie Val’s customers!

Orange Whisky & Ginger, a great combination!

Chocolate Orange, Ho Yes, it had to be done, start the day the way you mean to go on!

Bottle Wreck Porter, for real ale fans, this is Orange Marmalade with added Hammerpot Porter Ale.