Auntie Val’s Chutneys and Pickle are painstakingly produced to Auntie Val’s secret recipes to be different, from Sussex Spicy and her no added sugar range to Auntie Val’s crunchy Pickle, all age matured in the jar for that full flavour. Don’t forget no added artificial anything.

Auntie Vals Sussex Spicy Auntie Vals mango chutney Auntie Vals old fashioned apple chutney
Sussex Spicy, a spiced apple Chutney with after kick. Wonderful with any cheese or cold meat! Mango Chutney, find chunks of Mango in this delightful, tasty Chutney! Old Fashioned Apple Chutney, another apple chutney this recipe came from a wartime recipe book, so contains less sugar than most!
Auntie Vals Marrow Red Tomato Chutney Auntie Vals date and apple chutney Auntie Vals Hot Madras Chutney
Marrow and Red Tomato Chutney, this sweet but tangy chutney is great in sandwiches or cooked in canapé tarts! Date and Apple Chutney, this no added sugar chutney is delightful. (No Added Sugar) Hot Madras Chutney, this is a chilly chutney, not has fiery as some but hot! (No Added Sugar)
Auntie Vals Pickle Auntie Vals Piccalilli
Pickle, delicious with any cheese, cold meat nothing else will do for a Ploughman’s Lunch! Piccalilli (No Added Sugar)


Auntie Vals Luxury Christmas Cranberry Sauce Auntie Vals Logo Bramley Apple & Cider
Luxury Cranberry Sauce Bramley Apple & Cider


Auntie Vals crab apple jelly Auntie Vals redcurrant Jelly
Crab Apple Jelly Redcurrant Jelly 
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