We are pleased to announce that our Charity status has been granted.

We are now Auntie Val’s Ability Centre – Registered Charity No. 1185557

Our aim is to get people with disabilities into work either at Auntie Val’s or within the wider business community, by offering work experience and training.At Auntie Val’s everything we do is about ability not disability and no one is judged by their disabilities. Auntie Val’s unique and unusual flavours are out of this world, do you think your customers would appreciate Lemon & Elderflower and Real Ale Porter Marmalades?

Auntie vals our preserves (2) Auntie vals Charity of the year 2016 changing lives one pot of jam at a time (2) Auntie vals back to work (2)

Auntie Val thinks her Jams and Chutneys are very special, maybe you could give them a try and Auntie Val would love to know what you think. Please send your replies on email to info@auntievals.com or post a reply on FaceBook.



Are you a business owner who could help give Disabled people a better life by providing work experience for few hours each week?

If so why not join the International Ability campaign. Click the logo for more information:

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