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Future plans are in  the Press release which Can be found under the picture

Auntie Val’s Marmalades, Jams and Chutneys are made without artificial preservatives, flavours or colours and no E’s, all lovingly created in small open pan batches using traditional methods handed down through the generations, with only the finest ingredients (many locally produced) to insure that ‘home made’ taste and texture and all made by a dedicated team of disabled people.

Auntie Val is proud to supply High Street and Farm Shops, Department Store Food Halls, Visitor Attractions, Garden Centres and 5*+ Catering. Auntie Val can often be found supporting local community and charity events and the odd food festival.

Master Chef Professional Champion Steven Edwards is pleased to endorse Auntie Val’s catering and bespoke service for quality and helpfulness.

Master Chef Professional Champion Steven Edwards is pleased to endorse Auntie Val’s catering and bespoke service for quality and helpfulness.

 Press Release – Changing Lives – One Pot of Jam at a Time

Our aim is to get people with disabilities into work either at Auntie Val’s or within the wider business community, by offering work experience and training.

This year we need to obtain some extra equipment and finance in order to double production which in turn more than doubles the people we can give training & employment to.

2017 see’s Auntie Val’s needing bigger premises, we need to raise £50.000 to have a new larger centre so that we can increase the production, we are able to offer as well as sufficient room for further increase in Training capacity to help meet demand for both training & product.

This exciting new project will also be a benefit for the community, this new premises will include a cafe and retail area to broaden the training to provide OAP lunches and courses to help disabled people with cooking healthily on a restricted budget.

“Everything we do is about ability not disability”

As well as cooking, the “Jammy Dodgers” are trained in admin And IT skills.  

TO ACHIEVE THIS MOVE WE NEED: Donations,  Corporate Social Responsibility Funding,  Sponsorship,  Volunteers,  Grant Funding

you can donate money using the golden giving button on the CIC Page

Trade Enquiries Welcome

Auntie Val’s unique and unusual flavours are out of this world, do you think your customers would appreciate Lemon & Elderflower and Real Ale Porter Marmalades?

Back Into Work

Only 17% of disabled people were born with disabilities, the majority of disabled people acquire their disability later in their lives, often following significant periods of employment: http://youtu.be/67-r3ZW_YXY

It’s Not Always The Disability You Can SEE.

Auntie Val thinks her Jams and Chutneys are very special, maybe you could give them a try and Auntie Val would love to know what you think. Please send your replies on email to info@auntievals.com or post a reply on Face Book.

Auntie Val’s is a registered Learning Provider